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He’s not the one…

As I was just reminiscing about some of my first dates, my whole dating phobia started to make a little more sense. Hey guys, here are a few “what not to do’s” on first dates (and yes these all happened to me):

Mention that you were just released from prison
Pick your date up on your pedal bike (unless you are 12)
Start doing elicit drugs in front of your date
Lay down on the sidewalk and pee in your kilt
Invite your naked dad into the hottub
Bring the girl home – to your parents house (when you are over 30)

One comment on “He’s not the one…

  1. andrea
    December 12, 2005

    For real? I think the worst would be having your date invite his naked dad into the hottub. Talk about eeeewwww.


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