Trying to live life with sandy toes and laughter

Chasing the sun again

Just returned from an amazing time in Mexico. Congratulations Annie & Steve (and Mia Margarita & Mojito Max).

Beautiful wedding and stunning bride and groom. Some other memorable moments:

  • Mia ditching the flowers and deciding she would rather walk down the aisle with a basket ball (and everyone rolling with it).
  • Finding Kristina sitting in the hot-tub on a scorching afternoon wearing her bikini and winter scarf combo.
  • Being voluntarily abducted by Pirates multiple times throughout the trip. But that one time I really was just at the adult-side swim-up bar all day.
  • Setting napkins on pseudo-fire and creating the-best-show of the trip.
  • It`s all fun and games until someone loses a shoe.
  • Also, if you set something free, and it comes back to you, that doesn`t mean it`s ok to only bring one pair of shoes on a trip. — ancient proverb or something I made up.




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