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Samana Yoga Retreat 2017 – Excursion Samples

Here are a few samples of the day trips we can plan to do from the retreat in Samana. I’ve marked* my favourites:

Tubing Tour on a Secret River *
Available at no other spot in the Dominican Republic and an unforgettable adventure. Take your swim suits, friends, a drink, tubes and explore the tropical vegetation by first doing a short walk and afterwards floating down a tranquil and paradisiacal river. It finally leads to picture-perfect Playa Rincón, where you can relax, swim, sunbathe or have a drink and a meal from the local vendors.


Hike to Playa Frontón
Explore Playa Frontón, one of the most remote beaches in the Dominican Republic. First walk to Boca del Diablo, a fascinating formation of rocks where the ocean is pushed through. From there it’s less than an hour hike through a beautiful coconut grove until Playa Frontón. Have a snack there and snorkel the shallow waters if you desire, afterwards go back by boat to Las Galeras, where you can enjoy the beach and an ice-cold Presidente beer.

playa hike

Full-Day Hike through the gentle hills of Samaná
Explore the undiscovered treasures of the Samaná peninsula.  A full-day hike visiting Boca del Diablo, Playa Frontón and the rural area around Las Galeras. Walk along the unspoiled coastline, discover different fruits and vegetables while hiking along the cultivable land and get to know the village life in La Guázuma. It’s a strenuous 18km hike, but worth all the efforts by experiencing the natural way of the Dominican Republic.

samana hike

Whale watching in the Bay of Samaná *
The bay of Samaná is one the main areas where the humpback whales migrate to in winter.  Go on a guided excursion by boat and watch those giants in the sea in their natural environment.
After whale-watching, the trip continues to the small island of Caya Levantado, also called the “Bacardi Island”. This island has a white sandy “dream” beach with shallow waters sloping gently into the water. A delicious lunch will be served here. Before returning by boat you will have time to enjoy this beach or to explore Bacardi Island.


Double beach trip with Playa Frontón and Playa Rincón *
Playa Frontón and Playa Rincón are often named as one of the most beautiful beaches in the Dominican Republic. By boat you can explore both of them in one day. In the morning go to Playa Frontón, a secluded, palm-lined and remote beach, where every dream of a paradise comes true. Snorkel in the shallow water and explore the adjoining coral reef. Later on head to Playa Rincón for even more quality beach time. Miles of white sand and some little shacks who sell you a fresh coconut or a cooled cocktail is what you can expect there. Maybe we should mention the turquoise water and the stunning scenery as well …

double beach

Adventure & Beach: Zipline and Playa El Valle
Take your car (or a transfer) and head to El Valle, where you can go on one of the most spectacular ziplines of the country. Enjoy the scenery, have a blast and get your adrenalin ready – the longest zipline at El Valle is more than 1200ft long and over 450ft high. After this you can enjoy the beautiful surrounding with jumping into the natural pools of Lulu waterfall and spending some time at the beach at Playa El Valle.

Samana Zipline2

A trip to a Waterfall: “Salto El Limon” *
The waterfall “Salto El Limon” is located amidst a lush tropical landscape on the peninsula of Samaná, approximately an hour away from Las Galeras. This spectacular waterfall drops 150 feet into a natural, beautiful pool filled with fresh, crystal clear water. You can reach the top of the waterfall on horseback, then hike downwards through tropical jungle until you reach the bottom of this roaring cascade, where you can enjoy a refreshing swim in the big natural pool.


National Park “Los Haitises”
The national park “Los Haitises” can only be reached from the ocean and is considered one of the must-see attractions in the Dominican Republic. It has a surface of 826 square kilometers and offers an unbelievable number of protected animals and plants. The park features a large lagoon “Bahia San Lorenzo”, rivers, mangroves, jungle and mystical stalactite caverns. This region was already settled or often visited by early Indians called “Tainos”, long before the arrival of Christopher Columbus. Rock carvings (petroglyphs) on the walls of many caves in this area are proof of their existence. In the morning you leave with a boat from close to Sanchez, going to explore the Los Haitises National Park. Among approximately 120 different bird types you might catch sight of the “Palm Chat” (Cigua Palmera), the national bird of the Dominican Republic. With some luck you might also see the very rare Caribbean Manatees (from the family of “Round Tailed Sea Cows”) in the waters or in the surrounding mangroves.

Parque Nacional Los Haitises2

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