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Manifesting an empty beer keg

At Harvest Haus last night in Vancouver they started the night with a traditional beer tapping. We lined up for our festive free beer from the keg and joked about how much it would suck if the barrel emptied before we got there. If that happens… I’ll shed real tears. Well tears won’t cut it I’ll bring out the venom. Ya well Ill shed tears of venom. Is how the conversations went in the line. So we are almost there. They have resorted to tipping the barrel to keep the beer flowing. Oh my god this might actually happen. It’s my turn. Patience has paid off, my stein goes under the tap. There are only drips but it’s something. Then the entire keg falls out of the barrel. It is done. No beer for me. I cried fake tears (apparently I was an actress in another life) then those ahead of us shared their beers! Prost!

Note- yes it is smart to wear shorts under your pocketless lederhosen so you have a place to put your Gulden and iPhone, but no that does not mean it doesn’t look creepy to hide in a corner and dive into your lederhosen to get into your pockets.


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