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It’s that time again…

Every damn year. I thought by moving to the city I could somehow be forgotten. I’m still on the crows most wanted list. Yesterday I was trying to walk through the parking lot by GM Place and was attacked. Crow flew right by my head so close he brushed my hair. I took cover against a skytrain pillar but the crow just perched above squawking waiting for me to move. Thought maybe I’m paranoid and he isn’t really after me. Just seems that way. So I inch around to the other side of the pillar out of his sight. He takes flight and lands on the other side so he can see me and keeps squawking. Calling in for reinforcements I guess because a second one joins in. So I’m actually a little scared here now. the only way out of this situation is to make a run across the big open parking lot and I know from previous attacks that the first fly by is just a warning. They will beak you in the head. But I had no choice… couldn’t stay on the pillar all night. So I go for it. Arms trying to protect my head… trying to be aware of the bird without looking directly at it (to avoid beak in face/eye). He stayed right on me and got three more dive bombs in before I made it. Luckily no contact. So today. I’m over it right. They are not… waiting outside my office window giving me a ‘we know where you live/work’ look. photo

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