Trying to live life with sandy toes and laughter

November 5, 1991

APTOPIX%20Maple%20Leafs%20Canucks%20Hockey_JPEG-0461322 year ago today. I was on a date, a hockey game at the Pacific Coliseum. I liked hockey, grew up with it… but didn’t love it (yet). I did like watching a live game though. We were excited to see Vancouver’s new young Russian recruit we had heard so much about play his first game for Vancouver. I still remember his first moments on the ice. I had no idea the game could move that fast. So much excitement in the stadium, we knew we were witnessing a shift. For Hockey and for Vancouver. We had been so patient. It didn’t even matter that the rest of our team wasnt equipped to match his speed just yet. That came in time. Thanks Pavel Bure for being a part of our Vancouver legacy and congratulations on your Jersey retirement!

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