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Stop being you ok?

Um… No.
I had a friend say something like that to me. Well it was more like “you need to change how much you let it get to you when people disappoint you”, but being one of those highly sensitive people makes me hear “stop being you”. It also makes it almost impossible to just not deeply feel things… good and bad.

I read an article that said something like 10% to 15% of people are HSP (highly sensitive) and that it’s not a given that they will be the shy and introverted ones. The first ten years of  life or ‘nurture’ play a big part in how sensitivity will in turn manifest in a person. Shyness is just a coping mechanism. Interesting.

So I cant control what I feel, but I do have control over how I react to those feelings. That’s how I cope – even when someone tells me something I want to hear, I control how excited I let myself get about it. hmmm. not sure if that’s good or bad.. or neither?

Interesting article on coping here. And hey being sensitive isn’t all bad. I’ve been told that my sensitivity and perception to things makes me borderline psychic 😉

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