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My Dharma 101 lesson

This is something I’ve struggled with, not unlike most people. Discovering your purpose and mission, or your divine destiny (Dharma) is no easy task. The thing is, it’s something you can’t look to others to find (as tempting as that may be), it’s yours and yours alone.

For me the first lesson was in finding my own voice. Easier said than done. There are a lot of voices in my head and they convincingly sound a lot like me. The extra voices belong to the influencers… sometimes it’s people that influence (like the voice telling me how to be to make my friends and family happy), and sometimes it’s my own emotions like envy or desire telling me how to be to get what I possessively and/or obsessively think I need. It’s difficult to peel away the layers to what truly is right for me. Good news, after years of introspection I think I’ve almost got it… almost.

Stumbling block – getting wowed by someone who’s dharma path seems awesome and plunking myself into it. Like being pulled into someone’s great idea. It’s giving them the happiness and fulfilment I want so why not do as they do. But the thing is, it has to come from my own inner voice to take me to a purpose and mission that will satisfy and make me happy. Or so I’ve heard 🙂

Level 2 Dharma lesson coming when I figure it out.


3 comments on “My Dharma 101 lesson

  1. Heavy Petal
    July 28, 2013

    Hey Tammy,Just catching up on reading your blog and had to comment on this one. I am so absolutely there right now. Why is it so hard to hear your own voice? Maybe I just have to be quieter. It's so hard to be still and listen. Glad you're figuring it out. xoAndrea


  2. Tammy Gagne
    July 29, 2013

    Hey Andrea!!Ya it can be difficult, finding stillness and meditation helps. I tend to get caught looking for what I should be doing (job/career) instead of focusing on what drives me and feels natural to me. I know my Dharma and my career may never be the same… but seems like life would just be so much smoother if they could be :)Miss you xo Tam


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