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Surprised, Impressed and dazled by my friend…

After years of knowing someone, you think you know how they will react in situations… and then sometimes you don’t 🙂

So I was at a party last night with some friends and during the night we meet this guy. Very cute. We’ll call him Ryan Gosling 2.0. He was a lot younger… I’m guessing 23? but there was some chemistry for sure with my friend. So night goes on, we were having a good time. I think I remember him coming by and saying goodbye, we were distracted by good conversation, and the wine. Anyway, we look around and we were the only people left. Literally. Even the staff were gone. We decide to move to another venue and on the way out we see a cab. In the back seat is Ryan 2.0 with a bunch of girls. So my friend walks up, opens the back door and says ‘hey, take my number’. The girls were in shock… and impressed (there may have been a high five in there), and by the time we got to Sandbar for drinks Ryan 2.0 had already texted her to make plans for tonight.

Impressed I am. Did I mention she’s shy?

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