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Little sister got married…

And threw an awesome party!

Dirty Bit!
Planned a surprise dance flash mob! It was a blast to do. Check out the video here…

and the rehearsal video (half way through we are just fooling around – that’s the point when the dance floor opened up for everyone to dance 🙂

the bouquet toss
This was too funny. I was relieved that I had an excuse to avoid it (we had to change for the surprise dance which we were doing right after the toss). There was quite the scuffle. It’s priceless! It’s funny, if you turn up the volume you can hear “where’s Tammy, Tammy should be in there, Where’s Tammy, Tammy, Tammy, Tammy” My name was said 18 times! I’m the new Bueller.

Matching Toe Time

Paul’s friend was the emcee and dude was funny (I think intentionally?). At one point as the dancing started to pick up the girls started to lose the heals and dance in bare feet. Dude whips off his shoes too and his toes are painted the same shade of red as the girls. So either gay/cross dresser or just awesome? Jury is out…

the steak (s)
So two days before the wedding the Groom decided that he wanted steak for his wedding dinner, which according to the bride would be fine if he mentioned that 6 months ago when they picked the menu. Cut to some good natured ribbing (IE. my sister doing a little Popeye the sailor dance repeating ‘I’m the groom… I want steak, I’m the GROOM, I want steak…”). The story of the Groom’s last minute interest in the wedding menu circulated fast on the wedding day. I think there were 3separate orders that went in to the Boathouse Restaurant to get him his steak. But the salmon, chicken and roast we had was awesome!

awful wife
Funny moment during the vows… Groom said awful wife instead of lawful. I’m sure that’s not the first time that Freudian slip was made?

Shawna (Dupe sister) did an awesome job of the candy table… people were like vultures for that stuff!

Shawna being Shawna…

Gram + beer = Partay!!!
It wasn’t until I had the photo evidence that I realised why gram was having so much fun. she was stealing my brother’s beers all night…

Soapy condom for one…
The Groomsmen got me good. The night before the wedding I stayed over with my sister at the hotel and the groom and his friend stayed over at my loft. The groomsmen got ready at my place and bridesmaids at the hotel. Friday morning after all the festivities I roll over and see a used condom at the side of my bed. At first I thought my sister stressed Paul out so much about keeping my place clean that he used it to contain himself… then I thought perhaps his friend got lucky… started to get a bit stressed at the idea of something worse. Then it was revealed to me that the boys had taken a condom, filled it up with liquid soap and left it by my bed. Here’s my text message to the groom (I tried to stress him out but I think he was on to me)…

My text:
Hey Paul it’s Tammy. Found a surprise in my room. I hope it’s innocent but can’t be too sure so sent it for DNA testing at the lab on Columbia – results ready on Friday. I won’t tell Noelene unless I have to

He left me a phone message nervously telling me it was a joke…

My text response:
Hey Paul I know how it works. I knew you guys would come up with a story for it and the only way to know for sure was testing. It’s expensive but it’s my little sister so I had to. If it really was a joke… U owe me $189.00 plus taxes

I don’t think he fell for it so I will have to think of some kind of retaliation… when he least expects it of course 😉

2 comments on “Little sister got married…

  1. meritagebc
    November 19, 2011

    You guys look so awesome! Have any of you aged at all? Hugs~Mich


  2. meritagebc
    November 19, 2011

    Videos are great! Looks like everyone had a great time. You ladies look awesome doing the mini flash mob. Hugs ~ mich


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