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Spotters need…

Ok so ya I fell down AGAIN. pretty hard. Got some pretty nasty bruises covering my knees about 4″ circumference. Good times. So not kidding now, I really need some spotters around me when I walk. A spotter entourage. Seriously, I see stairs now and get a tinge of fear.

Here’s my (edited) msn convo with Annie about the fall:

I fell again. Really bad. I might be one up on Kristina now?

Annie says:
oh no

Tammy says:
Although Kristina’s ditch fall trumps my multiple bails

Annie says:
Where did you fall

Tammy says:
in Victoria. Fell down a stair. Onto hardwood floor

Annie says:

Tammy says:
Smashed the knees so bad the bruise covered the entire kneecap. at least 4″

Annie says:
Were you on the phone again?

Tammy says:
But I was looking at this boxing ring that was in the room I was entering

Annie says:

Tammy says:
and in my defence there were two stairs and then this sort of tear drop shaped stair that blended with the hardwood
but still… my knees are not happy with me

Annie says:
well, glad u didn’t break anything

Tammy says:
It’s funny walking around the city.
I can see the business men notice the bruises and then they get this kind of happy look…

Annie says:
ha ha

One comment on “Spotters need…

  1. Tammy
    February 7, 2013

    Was just re-reading this to see when this fall happened… turns out I tore the cartilage in my shoulder when I fell and get to have surgery to have it re attached. No more falling. Seriously. What's going to happen to me when my bones are old and frail?


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