Trying to live life with sandy toes and laughter

Saved by a giant purse…

DO not text and walk. Me being me again… on my way to physio last Monday, I’m just outside my building. Texting with one hand, holding an umbrella with the other and my super large purse dangling from my wrist. SIDE NOTE: up until my December Miami trip i didn’t carry a purse. Just a small card holder and keys in my pocket. I fell in love with this rather large but super cute bag and now I’ve gone from carrying the basics to having everything needed for any potential scenario I might encounter in my day. So back to story. I didn’t notice the step down. The back of my heal is on the top of the step and my ankle twists under it… then my knee. Blackberry goes flying 20 feet on the cement (for those of you who laugh at my ancient phone it was fine – didn’t even lose my text). So I’m in a skirt star fished on the wet sidewalk, umbrella inside out. Sprained my wrist, elbow, shoulder, knee and ankle. But get this, as I was falling the weight of my purse fell forward and instead of smashing my head on the cement I got a face full of my soft leather purse (in a charcoal shade with understated detailing). I LOVE that bag

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