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My trash TV guilty pleasure… watching grown men fight wearing adult onesies

I hate to admit it but I watch the MTV RW/RR Challenges. These shows are so bad you can’t look away. If you haven’t seen one imagine survivor, big brother, Fear Factor the UFC and Jerry Springer in one show. Why i like it, I don’t know… that’s probably a question for a therapist? Anyway, I settle in to watch the first episode of the latest season called ‘The Duel 2’ and before they even get to the first challenge there’s a ton of drinking in their mansion in New Zealand (maybe not so much like Survivor). Of course the token meat head starts a fight – this is the guy who never makes it past the first episode because he always gets kicked off for punching someone. But this time the dude really lost it – he wanted to KILL the other guy and it gets pretty intense with 10 other huge guys unable to hold him back and him punching a huge hole in the wall. The scene would be pretty grim and scary if it wasn’t for the fact that someone brought everyone adult size fleece onesies (yes, just like the baby ones with the feet). So here are these tough guys trying to kill each other and one of them is wearing this cuddly onesie. I got the feeling that if they’d stop punching and hug it out everything would be ok – nobody can resist the cuddliness of a onesie. It got pretty sad, at one point Adam (onesie guy) is covered in blood with the onesie at his ankles and CT (the meat head) is trying to smash his head into a brick wall. It all ends with both guys kicked off and being driven away in separate trucks. Adam with an ice pack to his face and CT holding the onesie (which I hope had ice in it?) to his face.

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