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Harpers Island filmed on Bowen Island…

So on the other side of the TV spectrum from my last post, I also caught the first episode of what could shape up to be a pretty original show (at least in format). Harper’s Island, filmed right here on our own Bowen Island in BC Canada, is a new show that has taken the horror/mystery format and spread it out over 13 episodes. I thank Joss Wheden for the popularity of seasonal arcs in Television writing, giving TV the potential to eclipse movies. There is only so much character and story development you can do in a two hour movie and spreading it over a TV season or series should be a writers dream. Anyway, after the first episode here are my top three guesses as to who the killer is:

1. the Groom – If they are following the scream 1 format the Groom would be the obvious choice and I guess that would make Harry Hamlin Drew Barrymore.
2. The rich boyfriend of the Bridesmaid – this is where the episode was leading us with his macabre jokes (the finger, the drowning) and the fact that the victim was flirting up a storm with his girlfriend. But it’s all a bit too obvious… he might just be the one who gets blamed initially.
3. The step mom – This is my random guess. She didn’t do much in the episode but could easily be the sleeper candidate.

Didn’t make the list but still a potential would be the local guy/ex boyfriend but I had to draw the line at 3.

Who do I hope they kill off next week… The best Man.

3 comments on “Harpers Island filmed on Bowen Island…

  1. Marika
    June 15, 2009

    The show is just cheese-tastic. I am leaning towards Henry a little more each week.


  2. Tammy
    June 19, 2009

    So it's actually Wakefield… that's kind of lame and straight forward. I hope there's another twist. Maybe it's Wakefield in cohoots with Henry because Henry is Wakefield's son and Abby's 1/2 bro? Would explain why they have always been just friends.


  3. Tammy
    June 30, 2009

    And now it's two dead on my top three picks… somehow I think if it's not the groom it's going to be the best man – I've wanted him dead since the first ep and there's no reason to have kept him alive… unless he's the killer :0I still don't think it's Jimmy… I like him too much for it to be him. Could be a healthy dose of bad boy denial on my part?


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