Trying to live life with sandy toes and laughter

Cupcakes… or raw batter?

So why is it that all the guys who flirt and approach me are between the ages of 19 and 24? I’m certainly not complaining, but they are just a tad and a half out of my range (and I have a fairly liberal range). It’s always been that way – I keep getting older and they stay the same age (thanks Dazed and Confused). I guess it boils down to the fact that most single men are in that range and are still driven somewhat by ‘hormones’ so are more likely to make a move or approach a woman. Maybe that’s why I like visiting Vegas… all the single men are between the ages of 30 and 35.

Speaking of, this last Vegas trip was a blast. Had some great food, shopped, danced, and had a lot of laughs. Some highlights:

Trying the Capoeira roll (and finally getting through a caparinha) at Sushi Samba and discovering it was the best fusion roll EVER.

Making random rules regarding who could enter the elevator (striped shirts only…)

Visiting the Pool at the Palms and chasing the sun in the cold. Being invited the next day (when it was even colder) to hang at the Mirage pool cabana and asking if we should bring skates?

Winning $50 in one of the many dance battles on our last night. Yes I pinched a nerve doing the matrix… but I won and that’s the point ; )

Is that gum on your shoe? Yes. Can I have some?

VIP ; )

Falling in love with Grey Goose and Sammy

Annie hurting her knee pole dancing and then throwing money in the streets of Vegas just to watch the ‘little people’ scramble.

Meeting a guy who buys credit card debt… and then offering him mine for free.

Vegas special (ie short dress with Winn slippers)

Dinner in the Cabana outside at Bartolotta with our little shawls and meeting the wine conosures Mario and Bruno.


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Had fun exploring the #sunshinecoast with @katiemah and @racheladdante this past weekend. Do you know what to do if you run into a bear 🐻 in the woods? #hike #nature #rainforrest #explorebc #adventuresmart #bearsafety @bc_adventuresmart
This is one of my favourite illustrations from the Roberts Creek Mandala this year. Such a great project. It was started in 1997 when a group of friends painted over some negative graffiti. I first saw it back in 2007, and love that it's created new each year by the community and still going strong. The boy in the centre is the original organizer's son. #art #communityart #mandala #robertscreek #sunshinecoast #explorebc #robertscreekmandala
Seven years ago I spent a life changing month in #costarica for yoga teacher training at @anamayaresort Met so many wonderful people, fell in love with the jungle, and shifted my life's trajectory. #throwbackthursday #ytt #puravida #infinitypool #oceanview #yoga #namaste #sandtoesha #santosha
17 years since I first hiked here. My second visit, still gorgeous, but now this trio of lakes is no longer secret(ish). #bestroadtripever #nature #lovetrees
Made it to the island. By this last leg of the road trip riding felt like floating through air. #motorcycleroadtrip #explorebc #motorcycle #vancouverisland #telegraphcove #cumberland #porthardy #suzukitu250x #roadtrip #islandhighway #hwy19 #hwy19a #2000km #1300miles #atwyld #britishcolumbia
At the end of #route16 we explored #princerupert and then hopped on the Northern Expedition for the 16 hour voyage down the inside passage. Gorgeous trip through the #greatbearrainforest We didn't see bears but saw lots of whales. #motorcycleroadtrip #explorebc #motorcycle #insidepassage #bcferries #rainforest #surroundedbynature #britishcolumbia #roadtrip #heritagediscoveryroute #nature #coast #moto #suzukitu250x


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