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So you think you can dance…. Maculele?

How cool was it to be watching SYTYCD opening, hearing Mestre’s voice and then seeing the dancers performing MAculele! The Music was great (but sounded like the tempo was slowed down a bit), costumes rocked (see – fur leggings do look good), and the trampolines around the stage were awesome (maybe if we had those for our roda’s I’d be able to attempt mortal – prob not). Watching the dancers though… you could really tell they were out of their element with this style. The movements were small and soft, but hey they probably had like a day to learn it? So for me the show started strong… but ended low. The judges are idiots. They sent Kevin home… and in such a cold way. He was one of the best dancers there and by far he had the best solo of the night. Maybe if he had a faux hawk and sparkly eyes the judges would have noticed? Seriously, the judges comments are all about aesthetics – I think they are getting caught up in the Hollywood of it all and forgetting about the dance. I dunno, maybe Kev was just too good already and they want to see someone grow while on the show? Also, the host is just PAINFUL to watch.

Here’s the opening Maculele…

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