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Update on acupuncture/torture

It’s working. The first few treatments sent me into a pain spiral with this new mobility in my spine aggrivating my sciatica, but I have WAY more mobility in my back than I had a month ago. It still hurts, but today after another treatment I’d rate the pain a 5/10, while last week this time I was at an 8 or 9 (insert visual of me curled into a ball on the sidewalk because every step felt like Mike Tyson was trying to bite through the nerves in my lower back). And, when I got up off the physio table today, I didn’t have any pain in my sacralized joint. Mind you it only lasted for about 1/2 an hour, but I can only recal maybe 3 times in my life where I felt no pain when standing (other things that worked were chiropractic – but it lasted maybe 5 min, and strong drugs that worked but were too addictive to get used to). So… the point of this post for all those people I’ve noticed searching Sacralization/Scoliosis/Sciatica/Knee, is to try acupuncture and if that doesn’t work try the extreme kind where they stick the needle into the pain muscle and shake it. It didn’t fix me 100% but the improvement is encouraging.

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