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Ok… so I’ve tried almost everything for my back/hip/knee problems. My back has been hurting since I was a teenager. That’s when I was told by doctors that even though x-rays show a weird sacralization of my L5 joint, that won’t cause me pain… even though it’s exactly in the spot where I’m feeling the pain. Over the years that developed into sciatica, and then scoliosis of the lower spine, and now knee issues because of all the crazy muscle imbalances my body has developed to avoid the pain I get in that weird joint. So now years later doctors admit that I might have pain from the sacralization but there’s nothing that can be done besides inject it full of cortisone and go on my merry way. So I’ve been ignoring it. Which has led to my latest knee issues. Back to physio I go and surprise, today he wants to give acupuncture a try. WHAT… needles where I already feel numbing pain??? And aren’t you a doctor – what’s with this alternative stuff? OK… if there’s a chance it will help I’ll do it (plus my physiotherapist is cute. Sad, but a cute guy can talk me into almost anything). So I opt for the extreme version where not only do they stick a needle in me, they stick it right into the muscle and wiggle it around. If I’m going to do it, I want the one that works. Well it’s only been an hour so I can’t say it worked. I still feel like he left a needle in there… right in the nerve – good lord it hurts. But one good thing I noticed – right away my lower spine had more mobility. But good lord the pain.

Oh also I noticed cute physio guy had a wedding ring. Why do I not look at these things before I get all attracted?

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