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Ok… somehow people are not understanding me when I say this word. No, non, nada. It’s just not getting through. Today I had a 1/2 hour conversation with an ad sales rep that went something like this…me – “We are not going to run the ad this year”… Sales rep – “Really, well we should set a drop dead decision date”, Me- “We didn’t get the response so I can not justify running the ad again”. Sales rep – “So could you let me know by Monday?” Me – “We are Not going to run an ad in your publication.”. It was so frustrating. It’s like finally getting the nerve to break up with someone and they are like “ok, I understand… So let’s go out Saturday night”.

I’m going to practice – No, Non, Nada, Nooooo, nope,negative, Nooooooooooooooooo.

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  1. BentleyGirl
    August 18, 2008

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