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So I’ve had a few frayed moments the last few days. Too many to blog them all, but mostly related to a Calgary trip that I went on even though I couldn’t afford it. Why?…because I can’t say no. Actually that’s not true… I did say no, but somehow that was translated into a yes. So myself and 4 others piled into a 15 passenger van Friday night and drove to Calgary. Renting the van was an experience to say the least. A comedy of errors that ended with me trying to get to work stuck at broadway station during rush hour, every passing train packed full, and I’ve got a huge sleeping bag, pillow and back pack – it was hopeless. After a random guy started eyeballing my sleeping bag and insisting on knowing where I was ‘camping’ that night, I decided the day was crazy enough and needed to be reset. It was not a good day to walk into the office late with a pillow in hand. So I pressed control/alt/del hauled my stuff on the opposite train, took the day off and went home.

By the time the Calgary trip was over I had logged 2300 km in 4 days with about 12 hours sleep. So describing me as ‘frayed’ Tuesday would be an understatement and could explain how I almost got into a fight with a rude grungy guy at the skytrain. I don’t think he expected me to grab his arm and twist it back when he got in my face. I think I need a spa day. Or just sleep : (

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