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To try or not to try…

Last week I was out with a friend who recently went back to school. He was telling me about his study habits… basically he’s one of those people that doesn’t fully apply himself until the last minute, pulling all nighters the week of exams and final projects. As I was listening I realised I’m the same way.

It almost caught up with me in art school when the night before having to submit 10 oil paintings for my final grade/assessment I only had 5. Stayed up all night and produced 5 more and handed them in wet (oil takes a few days to dry). The time crunch worked in my favour, forcing me to loosen up my style and work with the paint. The teacher loved them and probably would have failed me had I spent the time to produce 5 more paintings like the first 5. Another time I missed quiet a few economics classes and didn’t read the text until the night before the exam. I ended up with a B. A pretty decent grade considering, but that’s the problem. There have never been any negative repercussions. I know I work better under pressure, but what if I could have applied myself all year? I think I like having that unknown. What if I applied myself and didn’t do better? Not trying too hard gives you that “ya, and that’s without even trying” buffer.

School is just the easy example – this 75% effort to leave a 25% unknown buffer has become a habit for me. I’ve been pushing past it at work but realised this weekend that I’m approaching Capoeira (my martial arts hobby) that way. Coasting by with minimal effort, not really trying to play and get better… because what if I did and it didn’t make a difference. I didn’t fully get how stupid that is until now. Hey, I grew up in the “we’re too cool to try” generation. This is a revelation for me ; )

Anyway, 100% from now on and if I still get the ‘B’ at least I know where I stand.

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Three days at a silent retreat might seem terrifying to some, but this introvert loved it. Here are a few reasons why. No tech, after taking a few pictures I surrendered my phone. The need to capture everything that caught my eye was replaced with a hunger to observe everything deeply. Practicing the ancient art of pen writing. I spent time with my thoughts, journaling and doodling them out. Without Google to ask, I spent more time thinking things through, exercising my problem solving skills. I perused the library and rekindled my love for books. I just wish I could find a copy of that book I didn’t finish. The tea station with every imaginable fresh herb 🌿 for bespoke creations. I’m not a foodie, but I do love when food is healthy and so well prepared that I’d choose it over a burger and fries. The evening campfires reminded me of home. And I burned some baggage 🧳 I’m ready for a longer silent stay if anyone has any local suggestions. #silentretreat #bali #retreat #digitaldetoxchallenge
One of the most memorable places I stayed in Bali was north @villageabovetheclouds I woke up, meditated, ate, and practiced yoga with a view of the countryside and rice fields. #ricefields #bali #baliindonesia #sunrise
Singapore you surprised me! My Australian visa didn’t come through in time so I made a last minute switch at the airport to @singapore Such a unique and beautiful country. Clean and safe streets, architecture mixed with nature, and lively cultural pockets around every corner. Highlights for me were little Turkey, India, and Chinatown, and the food! #singapore #travel #nature #gardensbythebay #sentosaisland #singaporesling #longbar
Here are few pictures from my last few days in Canggu. The first is after sunset @finnsbeachclub then @desaseni_avillageresort after a sunrise yoga flow class, the view from my patio, and the bike I’ve been trying to explore with but trying to stay out of Canggu rush hour has been tough #bali #canggu #canggubali #finnsbeachclub #sunset
Loving Gili Air the most of all the places I’ve been so far. Pics are of the boat ride over and then my early morning walk pre and post sunrise 🌅 #lovegili #sunrise #baliindonesia
Just finished my first Tantric Hatha yoga class, loved it. Early morning focus on bringing the breath into the naval/belly to help release negative energy 😁 #yoga #canggu #bali #2020tayfa


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