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These ‘random’ sunny days are dangerous!

Why you ask? Let me tell you, and don’t get me wrong – NOT COMPLAINING! Sun is my preferred weather. Days like today in Vancouver are gorgeous. The air is crisp and cool, the sky is a gorgeous blue and the mountains are clearly visible, towering and still white with snow. Even in the city – thankfully we’re not one of those polluted cities where a sunny day equals a beautiful gray sky. And thanks to Premier Gordon Campbell’s Green/Blue efforts I think we’ll stay that way. But here’s the hazard:

At this time of year there are still a few great shoe sales going on so it’s not uncommon to spend one’s lunch hour perusing Robson street in the sun. Sunny and bright but not quiet warm means the shoe stores are keeping one door open and one closed. All the doors are crystal clear clean glass. You see where I’m going with this? Someone could very easily smash into one on the way out. That someone might even turn to look at the 3 people in the store (2 customers and one hot sales-dude that she may have been flirting with prior), see the shock on their faces and say “nobody saw that right?”. Lightening the mood to laughter to which she retorts “no seriously, I want you to swear”. They all obediently swear and then she turns and leaves… looking up (to see where she’s going) with a massive headache.

I’m just saying it could happen. Not saying it did. Today. At lunch.

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