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thank-you, come again….

Yesterday I stopped at the gas station to fill-up (after my 20 min drive to recharge my battery after I left my lights on, but that’s irrelevant… let it go). Anyway… filling up with gas and there’s the little screen that tells you what to do – swipe card this way, do you want a car wash – all that important stuff. So at the end of the transaction I’m expecting the “thank-you come again” screen, but instead it says “please return nozzle when finished”. ???? Do people forget to do this? I can see forgetting to replace the gas cap… but the gas nozzle? Do they just throw the nozzle to the ground and drive away? Or better yet has someone actually left it in the car? That’s up there with the Zoolander freak gasoline fight accident…

One comment on “thank-you, come again….

  1. Emma
    October 21, 2006

    The Zoolander gasoline fight is right up there with the “man-hands” episode of Seinfeld. Hilarious. Sorry to hear about your battery incident.


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