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One time, back in the day…

Ok, so now that I’m all healthy and fit (and old)… my life is pretty boring as far as a blog goes. Well maybe not completely boring, but the fun stuff is too fresh to post so I’m going to revert back to stories from “back in the day”. Also, my memory sucks so once it’s written down maybe it won’t be forgotten.

So one Friday night back in the day, we were all hanging out at my friend Shawna’s. Earlier in the day Shawna, who had long blond hair down to her As$ decided to chop it off to the shoulders… her first haircut. It was a big deal – she was known as the girl with the hair. So the hairdresser cut the pony off in one shot and Shawna saved it. LAter on that night we decided to freak our friend Corri out with it. So Shawna’s is sitting at the table with the pony strategicaly placed so it looks like she hadn’t cut her hair. We stage this argument in front of Corri (the best to trick – she always falls for it and is a good sport;). So I act like I’ve had enough of Shawna… with her long hair thinking she’s all that and a bag o chiips… I grab the scissors and pretend to cut the pony tail off. Corri was in shock… I’m dancing around the kitchen with the pony in hand, Shawna’s going all Jerry Springer, and I think Corri started to call 911 for fear of what she thought was about to happen. Goodtimes ; )

Future back in the day updates:
Whistler – spaghetti, porn and frootloops?
the 3some that never happened
Strip poker with an unexpected surprise
Houseboating steaks?
Mexico… never mind that
OMG.. that’s all I can remember – I’m going to have to confer with the partners in crime – they never forget.

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