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Don’t migraine and drive

I started to get a migraine after I taught my North Van yoga class this morning. Anyone who’s ever had a migraine knows that when you get the blurred vision at the start of it, all you want to do is get home to bed and turn out all the lights and somehow destroy the sun. So against my better judgement I drove home. It was all good until I tried to merge onto the Lions gate bridge and couldn’t tell which lanes were open to Southbound traffic. My migraine vision saw 3 red X’s and 3 green x’s… but I know there are only three lanes… so I just chose one and hoped for the best. It all worked out, but I wouldn’t recomend driving with migraine… next time I’ll wait till the vision returns.

3 comments on “Don’t migraine and drive

  1. Jasmine
    January 18, 2006

    Ouch Tammy, so sorry to hear you suffer from migraines as well. I guess I’m lucky that I’ve never had to deal with auras. I couldn’t imagine how scary the blurry vision might be or the light shows I hear many migraineurs with aura describe.I’m glad to hear you made it home safely =) I do have the typical sensitivities to light so, when I was working full-time, there were times I’d drive home in the evening wearing sunglasses. Not very safe, and I don’t recommend it, but there are times when the pain is so bad you can’t think of anything except getting home and crawling into bed.


  2. Tammy
    January 25, 2006

    Thx for the comment… sorry to hear you suffer from migraines as well. take care.T


  3. Emma
    January 27, 2006

    I used to drive with migraines. Ditto on it not being a good idea. I rear-ended the car in front of me one time. I just couldn’t see it. Don’t do it again. Tsk tsk.


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A closer look at Poplar Island, the small island off the Fraser River that I see every morning. There’s a dark history to this island. I had heard that it was used to quarantine people during the small pox epidemic in 1889. What I didn’t know was that New Westminster was originally all Qayqayt territory, and when Europeans settled in the area they displaced the Qayqayt peoples to Poplar Island. When small pox hit, Indigenous populations were hit hard. It almost completely decimated the community on the island. Europeans then continued to send any indigenous people with small pox to the island. The island ended up becoming a burial ground. Looking at the poplar tree life that grows from the island in a new light now. #qayqayt #remember #bchistory
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Three days at a silent retreat might seem terrifying to some, but this introvert loved it. Here are a few reasons why. No tech, after taking a few pictures I surrendered my phone. The need to capture everything that caught my eye was replaced with a hunger to observe everything deeply. Practicing the ancient art of pen writing. I spent time with my thoughts, journaling and doodling them out. Without Google to ask, I spent more time thinking things through, exercising my problem solving skills. I perused the library and rekindled my love for books. I just wish I could find a copy of that book I didn’t finish. The tea station with every imaginable fresh herb 🌿 for bespoke creations. I’m not a foodie, but I do love when food is healthy and so well prepared that I’d choose it over a burger and fries. The evening campfires reminded me of home. And I burned some baggage 🧳 I’m ready for a longer silent stay if anyone has any local suggestions. #silentretreat #bali #retreat #digitaldetoxchallenge


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