Trying to live life with sandy toes and laughter

Shopping fun…

I’m at the local grocery store and using my peripherals I spot this cute guy, so, of course, I do nothing. Continue with my shopping. Much later I’m staring at the wall of protein powders trying to figure out which one to buy when I hear someone say “excuse me…”, I turn, and it’s the cute guy. Cool.
So he’s all “Do you mind If I ask you what might be a personal question?”. My first thought is ‘sweet… hot guy is picking me up’, so I say OK.
He pulls his hands out from behind his back and has two boxes of tampons and says “I don’t get it… what’s the difference? One box (the OB tampons) says that there are 60 in it, and the other (Tampax) has only 20. But the Tampax box is way bigger. I don’t get it.”. So I’m embarrassed and bright red at this point but I proceed to try to explain the difference “one type has an applicator and one type doesn’t”, he’s all “huh”. So now I’m mortified… how do I explain the importance of an applicator to this guy? I’m sure I’m being punked and am waiting for Ashton to jump out the cereal Isle. No such luck. So then I concentrate hard and try to make myself invisible. Again no luck. So I just tell him “trust me… get the one with the applicator”, and he really doesn’t want to. Says he likes the little box of ob’s because it’s small and he can roll it in his sleeve like a pack of cigs… which he proceeds to do. I’m not sure what happened after that… I may have run screaming from the store… I seem to have blocked the rest out?

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