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Staying young…

Great advice on staying young from a 96 year old grandma...

some of my favourites:

2. Avoid spending time with people who complain about how old they feel.

3. Exercise every day, no matter how tired or lazy you feel.

4. Travel whenever you are able. Seeing the world and discovering how other people live adds life, love and lucidity to your years.

5. Take the time to plan wonderful things for the future, this will give you something to look forward to and make you feel hopeful.

9. Surround yourself with lively, smart, fun and interesting people who adore being around you, don’t settle for anything or anyone else.

15. Live the way that you feel your real age to be, not what others tell you.

18. As soon as a negative thought comes into your mind, make a habit of replacing it with a joke, a humorous anecdote, watch a funny film, or call a positive friend. .

20. Pay attention to children because they know how to be happy, young and carefree.

One comment on “Staying young…

  1. Joan Gagne
    July 13, 2015

    So nice, I love it….I need to frame it and hang it on the wall, so true!


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