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Mood Changer to do list…


So I stole and modified this list from the Elephant Journal. I’ve interpreted it here as a reminder to myself on how to change/shift from a grumpy mood. Easy when the sun is shining but I think I’ll need this list in the coming months as we head into the dark times of Fall/Winter. They are all just little things that help keep you in positive thought/places…

1. Move

2. Hydrate

3. Laugh/smile

4. Be real – no filters

5. Eat healthy

6. Treats in moderation

7. Do stuff from all my to do lists (instead of just thinking and writing more lists)

8. Touch and hug

9. Be in the moment. Relish it when it’s good and know its temporary when it’s not

10. Be nice. To everyone, not just the easy ones

11. Meditate.

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