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one armed juicing with mum and Holly…

My new juicer arrived just in time to help heal me up with raw organic goodness after my shoulder surgery (crazy insane pain by the way, but not going to get into that here). I do have to say though, THANK YOU to my Mum for helping me get through the last few days. Love you 🙂

Courtesy of the Juicing program, my new juicer arrived with a bin of fresh organics. If you are thinking of juicing check it out. Great deal, and they had $75 off in groceries when I signed up.They know I’m fresh from surgery too so bring it all up to my kitchen weekly!

Here’s a little collage of our first juicing. I’m still out of commission so mum did all the chopping and let me put in the veggies (my favourite part) and pour for the photo. Our first juice was so delish – carrot, celery, apple, ginger and parsley. Poor Holly loves carrots but she’s on a no sugar restricted diet…


And then I made the best quinoa salad with the fiber ends (tasted way better than that sounds)…

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