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A doodle a day…

I really wish my teachers had known that doodling while listening to lectures helps you retain information. I was a chronic doodler and always got in trouble for it.

Check out today’s Deepak challenge and why you should do it:

Put pen or pencil to paper today, and doodle for a few minutes while you’re listening to something you need to remember. It could be during a class, webinar, or even a radio or TV program that contains information you’re trying to retain. Create a simple line drawing or geometric pattern – whatever you like.

Why it mattersDoodling has gotten a bad reputation as a mindless time-waster. But when you draw little squiggles and sketches while listening, it helps you better retain what you’ve heard. Doodling seems to harness the brain’s wanderlust and prevent unproductive daydreaming. In fact, in a study on doodling and memory, those who doodled while listening to a monotonous two-and-a-half minute phone message recalled 29% more of the details afterward than did a group who listened to the message without doodling.

If you want to join me and sign up for the daily Deepak challenge click here
So far they have been pretty good… well except for yesterday’s crunches… I didn’t really understand the instructions so skipped those.

One comment on “A doodle a day…

  1. cz
    January 24, 2012

    I completely agree! Especially for people with dyslexia or ADHD. Doodling helps the mind focus. Keep up the doodling! 🙂


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