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I commit to eating ethically…

I don’t want to kill animals anymore but I love meat. OK that’s not completely true… I think it’s OK to kill animals, just not in the mass torturous way that we do. Most livestock are never given a life… just stand in a cage until it’s time to be slaughtered. I’m not going to get into the horrifying inhumane ways livestock are treated but if you are interested check out CETFA. It’s insanely wrong and I don’t want to be a part of it… but I need meat.

So I’ve done a little research to help me out. Where can I get a burger in the Vancouver area and not feel so bad? Where can I get some deli meat for a turkey wrap? I eat out a lot… which restaurants should I sway my friends towards next weekend? I know I’ve just scratched the surface but here’s what I’ve found so far:

At the grocery store:

McLean deli meats (available at IGA, Capers, thrifty foods, whole foods, Planet Organic, Small Potatoes food delivery, Stongs, Nester’s Market, Save on Foods, Famous Foods, check their website for locations outside Vancouver)

Pemberton Meadow meats (available IGA Whistler, Copper Cup Squamish, Sebastien & Co. West Vancouver, Wheelhouse Seafood & Specialty Meat East Hastings, East End Co-op Commercial Drive, SPUD Home Delivery)

Eating out:

Ethical Kitchen North Vancouver
Controversial Kitchen Commercial Drive Vancouver
West Granville Street Vancouver
Raincity Grill English Bay Vancouver
Chill Winston Gastown
The Cascade Room Main Street
Wild Rice Pender and Abbott
Bishop’s Fine Dining 4th Ave
Araxi Whistler
Alibi Room Alexander St
The Whip Gallery Main Street
Habit Lounge Main Street
Cibo Seymour Street
O’Douls at the Listel Hotel Robson Street
Cin Cin Robson Street
Century Plaza Hotel Burrard Street
Howe Sound Brew Pub Squamish
Bearfoot Bistro Whistler
La Rua Whistler
The Meadow’s Golf Club Pemberton
Savoury Chef Catering

So this is what I found doing a quick Internet search. Now I plan on doing some on-the-ground research/eating. I want to find more casual dining and burger options. Let me know if you have any suggestions and I’ll update when I know more.

3 comments on “I commit to eating ethically…

  1. Tammy
    August 4, 2010 Found this great Western living Mag story with some good links


  2. Tammy
    August 4, 2010

    and rabbit river farm products/eggs are also available at IGA


  3. Tammy
    September 13, 2010

    Vera Burgers has an organic meat option. Good that it gives the consumer the choice, but would be even better if they set an ethical example and all the burger meat was organic…


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