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Day 8 of the games…

And I’ve spent the last 4 days recovering from the first 4 days. I just don’t have it in me to keep up the Olympic pace for 17 days straight. We’re half way through the games and I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface. Favorites so far include watching the Opening Ceremonies at Publish lounge, watching and celebrating moguls gold in Yaletown, the axe capoeira winter Roda on Granville St – felt like a summer day. Also enjoyed impromptu dancing courtesy of the DJ’s showcasing as a part of ‘Made in Vancouver Yaletown Festival’.

Plan on stepping it up again this weekend. Stealing a note from the guys from the buried life I’ve compiled a list of the things I want to do before the Olympics are done. If you haven’t seen the show, each week they try to check off something from their ‘100 things to do before we die’ list. Here’s my Olympic version:

Take advantage of my free Lululemon/YYoga pass. I was so excited to get this but haven’t gone once yet.

Spend the day and night exploring the pavilions and fun on Granville Island. Atlantic Canada, Swiss house, and I want to take the new temporary : ( train to Granville Island.

Check out Canada’s North Pavilion – I’ve heard it’s great!

Check out one of the JetSet Crew Parties. They’ve been doing a great job attracting athletes to Canvas lounge. Would be fun to celebrate with them.

Get to the Ozone and Heineken house in Richmond.

Ziptrek over Robson at BC pavilion (still think we should replace public transit with ziplines!!).

STOP buying Olympic wear! I already have way too much.

Perform in the closing ceremonies… it’s a small part but still should be fun : )

See Drum and Spirit of Uganda but I think I may have missed those shows.

Go see Julie Black at the Yaletown livecity.

Check out the livecity end of day fireworks ‘just like a waving flag’ show

Go see one of the athletic events live (got tickets for women’s figure skating short program).


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Loved the ride up to @barkervillebc I'm a sucker for historic towns. #goldrushtrail #explorebc so far we've made our way up #seatoskyhighway #duffylakeroad #route97 #cariboohighway next up @route16_ca #motorcycleroadtrip #suzukitu250x is rocking it.
Howe Sound view from the top of the Sea to Sky Gondola. Did my first ride of the Sea-to-Sky highway today. So much fun. Lots of corners but also lots of space since the hwy expansion in 2010. I remember driving this back in the 90's when it was single lanes. So much safer now. Did an amazing morning yoga class at the top. Highly recommend trying it! Classes start at 9:45 every weekday morning (taught by @northyoga_ ). Today's class was Yang to Yin... a perfect mix of flow and deep stretches for all levels #yoga #explorebc #seatoskyhighway #seatoskygondola #roadtrip #girlsthatride #moto #view #nature #yogainnature #yogaview #motorcycle
Found this lovely oasis on my ride back from #harrisonhotsprings #explorebc #mission #girlsthatride #waterfall #cascadefalls #roadtrip #britishcolumbia #mototrip #scenic7 #highway7
Uluwatu is gorgeous. Ancient temple that sits on a cliff. Protected by some cranky monkeys. My driver overcharged me on the way there. I sat down for a second in the parking lot to figure it out and this huge monkey comes out of nowhere, snatches my phone and hisses at me. His teeth were huge, keep my $1000 iphone. Someone came and helped by feeding the monkey so he'd drop my phone. I was told they are particularly nasty in the morning because they haven't eaten yet. Me too monkey. Me too. . But the view 🌊 . . #bali #baliindonesia #uluwatu #monkey #uluwatutemple #monkeyfight #view #indonesia
Hanging out in Nusa Dua for a few days. The Ritz is gorgeous. Beautiful grounds, right on a white sand beach overlooking the Indian Ocean. . . . #bali #baliindonesia #nusadua #beach #resort #theritz
Love exploring all the funky cafes in Bali. I was worried that with a nut 🥜 allergy in Indonesia my food options would be limited. Not at all. Flip through the slideshow for some of my favourite dishes so far. . . . #food #bali #indonesia #ubud #seminyak #canggu #peanutallergy #balifood the last pic is of my breakfast at #anggahomestay . . Thanks @josieinbc and @localwanderer for the tips!


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