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Why did Starbucks change the tazo tea?

In December I heard that the teas were changing at Starbucks. Not a big deal you say… but I love my tea mistos… sometimes I have 3 Ventes in one day (morning noon and night). So at that point I purchased as much of the old tea I could find. At a premium because a lot of the time I had to buy whole tea gift baskets full of other stuff I didn’t want just to get my favourite organic chai. So now it’s the new year, the old teas are gone and the new ‘full leaf’ teas are nasty. I have nothing against full leaf teas mind you – I love the Mighty Leaf brand full leaf teas – the Starbucks versions just are not good. The earl grey tastes like flowers and the chai strangely has a strong smell but no taste? And their black teas were the best teas out there everyone loved them. Which makes me wonder WHY the change?

Perhaps they thought more people would like the full leaf earl grey when they brought it out earlier in the year. People didn’t and continued to order the old version earl grey. So maybe they got rid of the good teas to force people into what they position as a ‘premium’ tea. Saying it’s ‘premium’ or ‘better’ doesn’t make it so. did they even talk to their present consumers to find out why they were not ordering the new tea. Maybe do a few focus groups? They might have found out that the lack of support for the new tea had less to do with the higher price and more to do with the bad taste?

That’s my rant. Just me once again venting on my Vente.

I’m starting to run out of my stock pile of the old teas so am checking out some of the other coffee/tea shops. Waves, Esquires, Second Cup has a good one. Maybe change is good?

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