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It’s always when I’m running late…

That someone throws a few marbles in to add to my scramble for punctuality. Take last night for instance. I was showing/selling my car all day and was running late leaving New West to teach my yoga class in Kits. Rather than wait for the unpredictable bus I ran to the skytrain station and jumped on the first train. Things went well… no train delays. I make it to Burrard station with ten minutes to get to kits. I run for the bus and get there there just as it arrives, get myself a seat and look at my watch. I’m going to get there just in time to teach my class – big smile.

Then a cop car starts driving the wrong way towards us and stops in front of the bus. Odd… the bus driver stops for a bit, nothing happens so he pulls around the car. Then a second police car pull in front of the bus and more follow. We wait. A few officers get on the bus and I hear on the radio that they are looking for someone with black shirt and pants (I immediately assume they are looking for the shifty guy beside me). They find the guy (not the one I thought) and proceed to arrest him. Not sure why but the bus had to stay there during all of this.

We did finally get going and I was late for class – but I had a good story : )

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    December 7, 2009

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