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At Home By Myself With You…

Saw a great movie last night at the Vancouver International film Festival. And turns out it was made for something like $41,989. Odd number but they funded it by asking people to donate their pocket change. The result was movie that was written knowing it would be very low budget but it didn’t feel like it. Probably because the acting (and the writing) was awesome… from the kooky old lady neighbour to the main characters it just had a great pace and balance of comedic timing, chemistry and emotion when needed (love a movie that can keep you laughing 80% of the time and then throw in a fun turned serious moment that made me pretend I had something in my eye).

Not sure if they started with the intent to use extreme examples (fear of going outside) to illustrate how we can let little fears guide, control and shape our lives… or did they happen into that due to budget constraints meaning the entire movie had to be filmed in one location? Either way the story is so timely right now as we become more connected with handhelds, social media and the Internet and at the same time less connected, in our own created world and removed from people (How much do people use their phones to actually talk to another person?). Intentional or not it made me think :}

GO See It!


One comment on “At Home By Myself With You…

  1. Ramona Barckert
    October 10, 2009

    Thanks Tammy, so happy that you enjoyed the flick enough to write about it!Good news too – due to popular demand, we've just given an additional VIFF screening of the film – Oct 16th @ 12:20pm at the Granville 7 in Vancouver. Come again, send a friend (or five) and don't forget to vote for the Audience Award. We need all the support we can to get this little movie out into the world. Thanks again!


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Had fun exploring the #sunshinecoast with @katiemah and @racheladdante this past weekend. Do you know what to do if you run into a bear 🐻 in the woods? #hike #nature #rainforrest #explorebc #adventuresmart #bearsafety @bc_adventuresmart
This is one of my favourite illustrations from the Roberts Creek Mandala this year. Such a great project. It was started in 1997 when a group of friends painted over some negative graffiti. I first saw it back in 2007, and love that it's created new each year by the community and still going strong. The boy in the centre is the original organizer's son. #art #communityart #mandala #robertscreek #sunshinecoast #explorebc #robertscreekmandala
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