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What not to do in a Biolab waiting room…

So I’m in the waiting room of BC Biolab. Had to get some blood tests done so I spent my day off hanging out with some of our elderly population. I had to fast so haven’t eaten in 12 hours and haven’t had anything fatty for 2 days (so basically all I ate the day before was veggies – there’s fat in everything). After an hour wait I’m finally in the chair… the tech can’t seem to get the needle in the pesky vein. 4 tries later it works but I’m left with track marks and bruises that make me look like a junkie. Then it’s downstairs where I wait for the next ultrasound test for an hour… still no food. then back upstairs for the final test. Have to wait another hour and then once I’m in, the test takes 40 min… still no food. Wait that’s not true, at the beginning of the last test they had me drink this chalky questionably ‘citrus’ drink and then wait in the waiting room for a half hour. So if I haven’t painted the picture clearly enough, let me tell you that I was Hungry! That’s when I started to smell food. I assumed it was just a low blood sugar hallucination making me smell Turkey with cranberry on multi grain bread… Then I hear the crunching. I open my eyes and this guy is hungering down on this huge sandwich. That’s when it became very clear that I was not the only person in that crowded waiting room that had to fast that day. Most of the room started to lean forward in their chairs and stare wide eyed at the sandwich. The guy eating was clueless… or just didn’t mind being rude. I was so close to biting his head off but I was too weak to muster up the words… as was the rest of the room because we just stayed in our zombie like trance until the last bite was gone. Karma Turkey boy… Karma.

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