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My Olympic 2010 Opening Ceremonies Audition…

So I had my 2010 audition this past weekend. I was a little worried since I must have been feeling really good about my dance skillz when I filled out my application and I ended up in the advanced Hip Hop audition. I arrive a little late but they were still ‘processing’ the line so no tardy worries. Processing involved giving your info, getting a number (the number bib totally made it feel like a So you think you can dance or Idol try out), taking of measurments – even hat size, and photos – headshot and body. We then sat down for the motivational hype and video… it was good. They made a point of letting us know that the cerimonies info is hush hush until the performance so no blogging details (ooops… actually I don’t think this counts – they were talking about blogging show details). Then they herd us into the gym where the show designers are sitting on the stage behind a table with thier clipboards and video camera… very ‘Idol’. They line us up and then the choreographer runs through the steps two times and then says that’s it… I had a minor panic because I didn’t get it all but was relieved when we broke into groups and had some time to break down the choro before we preformed it. The choreography was fun – I had no problems with it but did have to try to mask the sound of my joints cracking and giving away my age ; )
272 days to the Olympics!

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