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We decide what is socialy acceptable…

So a while back I went to an Oscar party. Small party – 13 or so people. I know half the fun of the Oscars is poking fun at the stars and their fashion choices, but early on in the party it started to go too far. One person started poking fun with racial jokes. I thought it was odd that it didn’t really catch anyone off guard. I guess with all the ‘She should really try harder to hide those hips’ and ‘really, that colour on her’, making fun of race slipped in without a notice by anyone but me. A few others started to join in. I did my best to stay quiet, pick my battles right? I knew making note of it wouldn’t help or have an effect on the one’s making the comments, but when most of the room (short of maybe 4 people) started to join in I just couldn’t keep quiet. People I know are not racist, were thinking it was OK to poke fun because that was the energy we let the party take. That’s when I spoke up… told them that the comments they are making only make themselves sound ignorant. Dead silence… if there was a piano player he would have stopped playing (or the DJ would abruptly stop the record with a loud scratch). Scary how letting one person continue with harmful behaviour was infectious on the group.

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