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The So you Think You Can Dance Canada tour kicked off in Vancouver at GM place and it was great! Well worth the one zillion dollars I paid to be sitting 5th row centre. Here are a few of my observations…

The cast is gorgeous, guys and girls are all stunners.

Yes, Nico is awesome, but I was surprised at how impressed I was with Miles. Either he’s been training lots over the break, or maybe his skills just didn’t translate well on TV. Or maybe a little of both? I loved his solo – that boy can move.

There were a few mistakes (and wardrobe malfunctions) but I didn’t mind. It reminded you that these are real people who were probably just as excited to be performing as all the tweens were to be watching them.

Vancouver is kind of lame at concerts. Yes we are a chill city but those dancers were going full out and needed crowd support for energy.

Some of the highlights:

Natalie’s solo – that girl can work a skirt.

Miles’s solo – he’s unbelievably musical in his popping

All the group performances – they needed more

The Capoeira with Nico and Miles – of course being Axe Capoeira girls we were on our feet for that one, but it was also a crowd favourite.

Seeing Twitch in the audience

Oh ya, the house one with Lisa and Vincent (going to try to get to a house class next week).

Allie’s face when she realized her crinoline was caught in her heal. She handled it well.

At the end when each dancer was introduced to say goodbye. Danny started and did his trademark pelvic thrusts. The rest of them copied him and incorporated the thrusts into their goodbye dance. Even Allie fit them into her ballet flavour.

Getting Random lewd texts about all the male dancers (including about the guy sweeping at intermission) from my friend Corri who was way at the back with her binoculars.

What i missed:

The dance from Nico and Arrasay from episode 9 where they are breaking up… it was my favourite of all the dances 😦 I think it’s the one where Nico broke his nose? The angel one is good too and they did do that one, but I think it get’s more attention just because Nico is so hot in it. Can’t disagree ; )

Lisa and Nico’s dance when Nico was the photographer. That one was hot!

Natalie and Vincent’s contemporary piece (this one is also up there as one of my favourites).

The Maculele performance. Obviously.

I’ll try to post some of my video but I only had my phone and I have a feeling the thumbnails won’t look too great. I didn’t video much anyway… I wanted to watch. So now it’s off to the Gym to get back in shape : o

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