Trying to live life with sandy toes and laughter

Day one in the new apartment…

Day one was busy,

Started by teaching my yoga class, rushing to pick up the moving truck (driving a big truck is fun!) and then the move. Once all was done we went out for a walk on the river and on the way back saw an interesting couple (insert 80’s hair band visual) getting out of a cab and into my building. Turns out they were heading to a WWF themed party upstairs. The elevator opens and there are more of them. So the elevator is full of tall guys in various coloured body spandex and mullets, me, my mom and her dog (holly berry) and my sis. Of course, the elevator gets stuck. Now I’ve been stuck in an elevator before, but it was just two people and we had groceries to snack on so it was kind of fun. As funny as this situation was I felt panic setting in fast. I had about an inch between me and this big guy in full yellow body spandex and I wanted out. Luckily one of the guys managed to pry the doors open. We were between floors so one by one we jumped out. Apparently this is not something you should do – the shift in weight could get the elevator moving again, but no worries there were no limbs lost. So great. We are out of the elevator but now we are stuck in the stairwell. The building has different keys for each level and I didn’t have my key yet. Crazy day, but I did get to meet the hot firemen that live a floor below me (I love my new place), and a few of my neighbours. One of which came to the stairwell to let his wife in only to be surprised by a whole crew of people waiting to be let in (he had run out of the shower in a hand towel).

PS. Thanks to Noel, Shawn and Stace for helping with my easiest move ever (and I hope last for some time).

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