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Capoeira and houseplants

I can tell my family and friends think Capoeira is a bit militant and obsessive. Mostly because they call it a cult and tell me it’s militant and obsessive. But recently as I was planning my apartment move, this convo with my mum really cracked me up…

Me “I wonder if I should re-pot my plants before the move or after?”
Mum “I don’t know”
Me “I’ll ask Madrugada”
Mum “Who?”
Me “a friend from Capoeira”
Mum “Why?” (looking at me a little confused)
Me “Because he works with plants… he’ll know”
Mum “Oh… I thought it was another one of those strange capoeira rules.”
Me “About houseplants!!!?”
Mum “I wouldn’t be surprised.”


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