Trying to live life with sandy toes and laughter

Morning madness…

So today I decided to drive to the skytrain since I’m going to a late capoeira class and it’d be nice to have my car. Damn it was a process:

Step one – scrape frost off the windows.

Step two – get annoyed when I find out someone has broken into my car. Well ‘break’ isn’t necessarily the right word. I had dropped someone off the night before and forgot to check if they had locked the passenger door.

Step three – clean up and do inventory. They tore the car apart but interestingly enough all they took were my little stuffed seasonal dogs (Xmas, Halloween, Easter) that I used to rotate putting on my rear view mirror. But they did leave me some old ratty leather gloves. ewww.

the day proceeded like this – no parking because of street cleaning, and Mrs. Swan works at Starbucks. Not even 8:30 yet… we’ll see how this day progresses.

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