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You want a piece of me?

So Britney’s new album has been out for a while now. We’ve gone through the stages:

Pre- release – My god how could she possibly record anything half decent in the mess she’s been living. Let’s give it a listen… why not add to the list of thinks to snicker at.

Release – I kinda like the first song… must be a fluke. Oh second song is good too. Damn… I like the whole album. I’ll secretly download it to my mp3. All right Brit you’re crawling back to humanity – you can do it. Crap is she’s preg and high again.

Support – They’re playing Brit at a club. You and your Friends are liking it and not afraid to admit it. Some loser starts yelling at the DJ to turn the crap off… so you come to her defence by Dance-attacking him and just when he starts to get into it you give him the ‘whatever, you don’t like Britney’ flick your hair and walk away leaving him a little stunned.

Sooooo, what have we learned?
1) Too many people hate because it’s the popular opinion to have.
2) Dance attacks are fun… do them more often.

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