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How far would u go for a $20 ?

If it’s not bad enough that I overspent on shopping in Brazil and have been giving my credit card a work out since I’ve been back, I top it all off by throwing money away. This morning I took out $40 on my way to a seminar. I knew that in two blocks I would be whipping the cash out to cover the unpaid GST for the seminar so I just put the crisp new $20’s in my jacket pocket. Bad idea. Crisp new $20’s don’t have any pocket holding power on account of the crispy newness and general lack of folding. So as I’m crossing Georgia Street at the Georgia and Burrard intersection during rush hour, i notice a crisp new $20 blowing in the crosswalk. I briskly snatch it up and make it to the the sidewalk unscathed. I reach into my pocket to reunite $20 with other $20 only to realize I wasn’t that slick… both $20’s had fallen out and i only saved one. I turn around to see my $20 in the middle of the crosswalk as traffic zooms over it. Shit!! Why couldn’t it be raining… things stick in the rain. All I could do was watch and hope it stayed within the safety of the crosswalk before the light changes. A crowd starts to form to watch my $20 blow a little closer to the edge of the safety zone with each passing car. Or maybe they were just waiting to cross the street? It’s edging closer to the white line… then a little over.. that’s OK, as soon as the traffic changes I’ll run, and then it happened. A big SUV went by just before the light changed and blew the $20 to the middle of the intersection… i started to run for it but it was too late… it was blowing in the other traffic now. Bye Bye $20… it sucks, but it was mildly entertaining and I’m sure the person that found it had a great day.

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