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hide a spare key… do it now

Why, why, why do I always do things like this? 8:30 in the am, late for work, I step out of my apartment into the hall to get my laundry and the door closes behind me.
locked out Arrrrggg… at this point I laugh at how lame I am. No shoes, no phone, no money/cards. And oh ya, the landlord had called the night before to say he’s on his way out of town for a week. My spare keys that I leave with my sister – I had asked for them back because I had house guests. I forgot to return them to my sis, they are sitting on my counter. Next to my cell. Arrggg. So I go outside in the rain with my socks to the apartment upstairs…no answer. Go back in, fold the laundry – hmmm I should be at work right now… too bad a I can’t call in. Back upstairs, still no answer but I know they are home because I can hear them. Back down to my door, change my socks…. think, think, don’t cry, think. Alright fine… I’ll kick the door in. What… I’m not strong enough? I knew taking a break from training would come back on me. So in the end I had to pay a locksmith $80 to break-in (in 30sec). I guess that’s my xmas present to myself instead of those cute gravitpope boots.

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