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sorry old man

I’m a good driver… really. Been driving 20 years without drama. I guess that’s still the case but on the way to work today I almost took out this surprisingly nimble old man. I’m making a right turn at an intersection. I’m about half into the crosswalk, the little walk-man signal is long gone and we are on the last warning flashes of the red hand. I’m looking at the oncoming traffic, see an opening and creep forward only to see this little guy do this quick hop, skip, jump move to get out of the way. I think I would have hit him if not for his speed. I know had I taken him out – it would have been my fault, but seriously pedestrians… you see a car mid way through a turn, it’s the end of the walk signal. Don’t step in front of the car… go around, or at least make sure the driver see’s you. I was lucky old man was fast and he was lucky I’m not the type of driver that would floor it to catch the opening in traffic.

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