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I can not make a decision. I’ve always known this about myself but I think I want to change it. I usually think about decisions forever and just wait until a situation arises where I’m forced into something and I avoid having to make the choice. That really sucks because I essentially am not in charge of my own future this way. I just don’t trust my own choices.

Sooooo…. First choice to make (I’ll start small) – what should I be for halloween:

Belly dancer

I’m not that excited about any of these ideas but I want something easy to do… but I hate the standard lame costumes.

My second decision… to move or not to move.
So I’ve been thinking about moving. Right now I pay way too much rent but have a great apartment with security and a view and in-suite laundry. I can cut my rent almost in half if I move to a not so nice apartment in a less desirable part of town. But my nice apartment makes me happy. But it also makes me poor. hmmmm.

I’ll update later on the outcomes. Or I’ll just procrastinate and not make any choices : (

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