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What makes a cougar a cougar? Dating a guy more than 5 years younger? 10 years? Or is it the animal print spandex pants and the fur trimed coat? Should we… um I mean hypothetical women be labeled just because we date a little younger? And what if you’re not pursuing the younger ones… they just seem to find you? Is being a cougar really a bad thing? Maybe I should check with Cameron and Demi.

3 comments on “Denial…

  1. Polish Prince
    May 18, 2005

    interesting ideacheck out my blog. I know, it’s kinda retarded. Drop by and leave a


  2. Noelene
    May 21, 2005

    Wow its like you wrote it and they came… Do you think the fact that your frist write up being about you …sorry I mean couger’s and your first comment being from a 19 year old is some what ironic…


  3. Anonymous
    January 30, 2006

    Ok, that man is scary.


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