Trying to live life with sandy toes and laughter


So I was in a meditation class and we were focusing on the chakras. The teacher asked us to radiate love and energy outward from the heart chakra. It was … Continue reading

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birthday advice…

ME: for sure although you’ll find that after you hit 30, you keep celebrating your 30th each year and then after 40 you count backward Looming 30th: haha i’d prefer to … Continue reading

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OK Crow… you win

Last year around this time I had a bit of an issue with a crow who hangs out on my morning walk route to the train. There were multiple dive bombs to my … Continue reading

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Stop being you ok?

Um… No. I had a friend say something like that to me. Well it was more like “you need to change how much you let it get to you when … Continue reading

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Don’t be fooled by my left handed card creation… I really am getting by pretty well with my left hand. Perhaps too well? Still thinking I can do it all has … Continue reading

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My morning after the full moon…

I could be wrong… but I don’t think having 4 DUI’s qualifies someone as an expert on traffic law? Thought it best I keep that disagreement to myself rather than argue with … Continue reading

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Surprised, Impressed and dazled by my friend…

After years of knowing someone, you think you know how they will react in situations… and then sometimes you don’t 🙂 So I was at a party last night with … Continue reading

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My Dharma 101 lesson

This is something I’ve struggled with, not unlike most people. Discovering your purpose and mission, or your divine destiny (Dharma) is no easy task. The thing is, it’s something you can’t … Continue reading

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Day one today… no more toxin

Food Matters. You can be sincere, and be sincerely wrong…        

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