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Vancouver firemen are hot… and helpful ; )

So a couple weeks back… Friday night around 11:30 the electric heater in my living room lights up and starts smoking for about five seconds and then stops. So I’m a little freaked… this doesn’t seem normal… my living room is all smokey. What to do, what to do. Don’t really have a landlord to call so I thought I would just call the fire hall (not 911, just the general number) to see if this is normal and am I safe to go to sleep without fear of waking up extra crispy.

The girl was really nice, she thought it might be electrical as the heater wasn’t turned on so she was going to send over a couple guys to look at it. Ok, cool… but then I take a look at my apartment and it’s a total mess. So I cram everything in my room and shut the door… goodstuff. While I’m giving my apartment the 5min cleaning I hear the sirens… couldn’t be for me. She said a couple guys. Two huge firetrucks pull up to my building and five HOT firemen pile into my tiny little apartment. I was not complaining. I even pressed play on my little stereo to see if they’d start stripping… no such luck – these one’s were the real thing.

So they made fun of me a little – my apartment is very dark because I can’t figure out how to change the bulbs on the fancy potlights -they found this amusing. And then one hot fire guy doesn’t really believe me about the flames and decides to test the heater by turning it on – of course the thing starts sparking, flaming, smoking and generally freaking me out… I don’t like fire. But then I looked around at the five men all geared up and ready to extinguish something and thought ‘it’s ok they can light my apartment on fire if they want… I’m safe’. See what hot men do to me.

Anyway, they ended up turning the power off to the heaters. But of course to do this I have to take the hottest of the five hot men to the circuit board… In my bedroom – my bedroom that I piled my apartment mess into. It was not a pretty sight. But no big fire : )

2 comments on “Vancouver firemen are hot… and helpful ; )

  1. Anonymous
    November 15, 2005

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  2. Noelene
    November 29, 2005

    Wow you get some great coments! I don’t find crazys like you do. Damn those firemen!!


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